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Akeem is a multi-disciplinary artist from the Northside of Chicago. However, his main medium is music and has been producing music since he was 16 years old. Initially starting off as a producer, he spent his only year at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, developing his sound and production schemes. Through many hours of labor, he realized he had a knack for melody and songwriting and began writing to his own instrumentals. After dropping out in 2015 to pursue musuc, he released his debut project entitled "I HAVE ARRIVED," in 2016. His unique blend of soulful R&B, Hip-Hop, Asian, and African Drums, and New Wave tropes made him a force to be reckoned with. Two years later, he released his second project, "..these days," which offered a more cohesive sound and showed more direction in songwriting. In February 2019, he released an EP called "Butterfly Undone." Currently, the lead single "Butterflies" has garnered over 31,000 views on Youtube and was featured on ELEVATOR magazine for his "beautifully colored visual..and melodic tune."

In May 2022, Akeem released his Pharrell inspired song “Gather Your Things” featuring Marko Stat$ and is set to release his fourth project “when wingz spread..” later this year. 

Born first-generation Nigerian American, his influences range from Michael Jackson, Kid Cudi, Phil Collins, Anita Baker & Kanye West. His emotive qualities and subject matter of unrequited love, violence in Chicago, and one's purpose make him an eccentricity  in Chicago's musical landscape. Akeem is one to watch for. 

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